Caravan guarding is a dangerous but lucrative trade

Guarding caravans has been extremely profitable for your band of adventurers. You’ve slain some orcs, protected some merchants, and saved a few kidnapping victims.

However, for every caravan you’re guarding, 3 more fall prey to bandits and monsters. Freeport’s military might is waning, and the dozens of small settlements you travel between lack anything above a small militia.

Your home base is Westhold, a small border town in the Western Lands. It’s the only settlement with a real garrison of troops from Freeport, and the only access point to the Eastern Empire, being positioned within a half days journey of the World’s Spine mountain range and the Last Valley.

Although the Western Lands was sheltered from the worst of the Great Wars of the last centuries, the decay of the empire has meant little trade, and the once-lucrative practice of selling war machines and weaponry has completely dried out. The free lands are weak, and marauders travel openly between villages, taking what they please. Every small town has retreated to it’s fortifications, abandoning homes and farms for security.

This is a time for heroes, when a sword or a spell in the right place can change the future of the region. You are that hero. You have your own reasons for doing what you do, but at the end of the day, you are a bulwark against chaos: the last bastion of order and law in an increasingly wild countryside. Villages cheer at your arrival, and merchants breath a deep sigh of relief when you accompany them.

You don’t have time to sit around and read this nonsense. Get out there and save the world!

The Western Lands