Alder Greene

Greene is the charismatic Alder of XXXX Ward.


Alder Greene is part of the new guard

A breath of fresh air in the city of Freeport, Greene is a charismatic and strong-willed leader. In a city once ruled by Merchants, Greene brought the perspective of the intellectuals to the top as the economy has sunk.

Merchants face ever-increasing costs as they lose caravans and trade goods, and pay exorbitant “safety” taxes to travel through the Western Lands. Once the dominant faction in this trade city, their power and base of support has slowly eroded, affording a perfect opportunity for this freshmen Alder.

Alder Greene is supported by the Academy of XXXXXXXX (This is an academic institution dedicated to science and magic). The Academies constructs are quickly becoming a significant front-line defense, as the Cities soldiers are spread ever thinner. The bio-mechanical constructs patrol the streets and watch the trade routes. If they are ever mass-produced, it may spell an end to The Western Lands troubles.

Alder Greene

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