One of the many small settlements of the Western Lands, Bremen is a small farming town with a mine.

The town’s economy is based on the materials they remove from their mines. Unlike the towns based on foreign trade, the economy here is still going strong, as the Machinists Union in Freeport is eagerly purchasing ores for use in their war machines.

Bremen currently has a host of problems: a strange plague (The Plague of Bremen) has killed many townsfolk causing Elmay Thistle, Cleric of Avandra to come to their aid: she’s managed to stop it’s spreading but not discovered the cause or the cure. Meanwhile, strange creatures are heard-and sometimes seen-wandering the town at night, dragging what sounds like claws across the outsides of homes. Most villagers suspect the burial mound to the north as being the source of their problems, but the digging in the mine has also ground to a halt lately at the insistence of the settlements leader, Mayor Alarin, who disappeared shortly after issuing the proclomation. His disappearance occured simultaneously with a cave-in at the mine, ending efforts to find him.

To read more about the problems in Bremen: strange happenings in Bremen.


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