Eastern Empire

The Eastern Empire is a collection of city-states and nations to the East, beyond the World’s Spine mountains. The only safe passage is through the Last Valley, although it’s believed that the Dwarfs of Ironhome had a link to their ancestral fortresses via the underdark.

The Eastern Empire was a large and powerful nation. Individual City-States are ruled by appointed Governors who answered to the Emperor. The last Emperor died during the war with the Machine Men, leaving the Empire in a state of chaos.

Striking a deal to aid them in their wars, the Eastern Empire’s citizens were irrevocably changed, and their descendants as well. Most citizens of Tzi’Mich, the empires former capital city, exhibit signs of their demonic heritage. After centuries of cultural exchange and war, many other residents of the region have Tiefling ancestry.

Despite this they could not win their war of aggression, and with the Emperor slain and the Empire crumbling under a host of small threats, they signed an armistice with the Machine Men. The armistice required surrendering numerous cities to autonomous rule, and the Child Emperor took his remaining Siphai Guard to Tzi’Mich to try and restructure his empire. The Empire in it’s twilight years, these last remnants of glory hide in Tzi’Mar, the fallen former imperial palace.

With war over, and their empire in ruins, the people of the former Eastern Empire work together to prevent their cities from collapsing under external and internal pressure. Although they ended their war, it has done little to improve citizen unrest or protect their former city states from the bandits and warlords who seek to increase their power. Increasingly, Warlords and Bandit kings seize the City-States that made up the old Empire, using them as their own bases of operation. The Western Lands is still safe from their bands, but it is only a matter of time before they turn their sights to the wealthy neighboring lands.

Eastern Empire

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