A bastion of democracy

Freeport stands as the only city of the Western Lands, a hub of trade and commerce for the Eastern Empire and the nations beyond the Deep. The only large port on the coast, Freeport was founded by refugees from the nations beyond.

Fleeing wars and persecutions, these desperate people formed a small hamlet which became known to pirates and travelers as a haven on their perilous sea journeys. Over time, the settlement grew into a town. With the completion of a trade route to the East, the town became a prosperous city, as Merchants discovered the value in simply selling goods here and not travelling around the continent to the very distant Empires.

The city is governed by a board of Alders, elected representatives of the neighborhoods and guilds of Freeport. Historically the Merchants Guild has exerted the most power and influence over the City, but their power has waned as trade has slowed down. The powerful Machinists Union worked in tandem with the merchants, producing war machines for the struggles in the Eastern Empire. Now, these war machines are increasingly becoming part of the garrisons and local guard, or being sent overseas to work for the nations of the continent to the West.

Freeport still tries to maintain stability on the trade road, but finds it increasingly difficult to staff and


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