the Western Lands

The Western Lands is a loose collection of towns, settlements, and the city Freeport. The Western Lands are a relatively peaceful region, bordered by the World’s Spine mountains to the East and with a steep shoreline along the Deep to the West. It’s southern-most area is a swampy marsh called the Murk where primitive tribal groups dwell. To the north are the snow-capped peaks of Grandia, where some barbarian tribes subsist in the arctic waste.

The Western Lands have no standardized political structure. Soldiers from Freeport monitor the region to preserve overall stability and it’s precious trade routes.

In recent times the border with the Eastern Empire has been shut down to open trade, only allowing soldier-garrisoned trade caravans through. Rumors fly wildly in the streets of Freeport, and the citizens of Westhold worry what it means for their economic future and the safety of their town.




the Western Lands

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