war machines

War machines are the warforged created by the Machinists Union. The warforged serve as guardians of the city and soldiers in distant wars.

While most have a rudimentary, command-based intellect, some have been created for stranger purposes. These warforged have a sense of self and are entirely sentient, but relatively naive. They can be adventurers or heroes, mercenaries or villains. No one knows why they roam free but they seeminglyoperate entirely independently of the Machinists Union.

Rumors abound about these sentient warforged: some suggest they are “sleepers” for the Machinists Union, some suggest they are from a competing guild, and more outlandish rumors suggest other nations or even the direct intervention of the gods. The Machinists Union disavows any connection to these warforged.

War machines are similar to Machine Men but different in key ways. Machine Men have an ancient history and a long tradition of secrecy and introspection. Machine Men were, presumably, created not by man but by the gods themselves. Machine Men serve order and civilization, and war machines serve their mortal creators.

war machines

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