wars in the East

The wars in the East refers to any of the battles and skirmishes fought in the East by the Eastern Empire.

Expansionist to the extreme, the Empire absorbed cities and nations under a collective banner. After centuries of war, and a life-changing pact made with demonic forces, they managed to absorb all of their enemies except the Machine Men of the North and some scattered factions.

The Machine Men had no expansionist interest, and an incredibly well-defended home, said to have been given to them to safeguard the treasures of the gods. The demonic forces the Eastern Empire allied itself with was obsessed with entering the fortress and gaining access to these treasures. Despite a concentrated attack from the Waste and the assault of the Eastern Empire, the Machine Men held firm.

The Emperor died under mysterious circumstances. Rumors suggest that the Machine Men sent someone who could disguise themselves with techniques previously unknown. This combined with the internal strife, civil wars, and smaller nations waging war against the Eastern Empire resulted in it’s demise. The treaty was signed for the Child Emperor by his advisers and guardians. The armistice’s terms gave back autonomy to some of the smaller conquered nations, and the Empire withdrew to it’s crumbling capital city of Tzi’mich.

This marked the end of the great wars, but has resulted in increased instability in the region, as warlords and bandit gangs seek to extend their areas of influence.

wars in the East

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