Westhold is a fortified town near the border of the Western Lands. Safe from invasion due to the World’s Spine mountain range, Westhold is a city that prospered during the great wars. Assessing lucrative tariffs and taxes on travelling caravans carrying weaponry and warmachines, they managed to build a very secure town before the trade dropped off with the stalemate and truce negotiations.

The Eastern Empire has since collapsed, leading many in Westhold to worry about their future. Ironically the near constant wars to the East offered stability and security to these lands. With the wars over, enemies may come to this previously untapped land and take that which is abundant. The border was closed in part because of the undirected violence, but also to try and stem the steady tide of refugees. Camps surround Westhold and most settlements in the Western Lands, and refugees have streamed into Freeport.

Notable People Of Westhold:

Stout, an old Dwarf who owns the Longest Road inn

Camille Vien, most prominent merchant in town

Mayor Alis Cleint

Captain Reed Vance, Captain of the Guard

Arn’ith Cleric of Erathis

Elmay Thistle Cleric of Avandra

Bosun, a strange recluse who lives on the outskirts of town


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